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Clothing and textiles instructor at the College of Industrial Arts (C.I.A.), Denton, 1917-1922. First president of Denton Branch American Association of University Women (AAUW). Active in Business and Professional Women. Married George L. Fritz. Born…

Pulitzer Prize winning journalist from Texas. Graduate of Texas Woman's University.

Ask About Hypothyroidism screenshot.jpg
Video describing symptoms of hypothyroidism.

Bladder Incontinence Front_reduced.png
Artist statement : "Bladder incontinence is a condition mainly seen in women. It is when the bladder muscles become too weak to hold the bladder. On the left inside the trifold you can see 4 different types of incontinence. Stressed, is where the…

Card to Jeanann Madden from student Andrea Gonzalez, welcoming her home from Saudi Arabia

MSS397c_card_ Howell,Bobby_page_01.jpg
Card to Jeanann Maddden from student Bobby Howell. Card says welcome back and that everyone in America is proud of her. Also includes a drawing of what appears to be Saddam Hussein with a missile through his head.

Card to Jeanann Madden from student David (no last name). He thanks her for "kikin(sic) butt in stinkee(sic) Iraq." Includes a drawing of a man holding an umbrella and saying "oh no" as missles fall towards him.