Letter from Frances Keys to Emmitt Lehr, May 19, 1959


Letter from Frances Keys to Emmitt Lehr, May 19, 1959


Keys, Frances Mulkey, 1916-1987


School teacher, club woman, resident of Coleman and Wall, Texas
Letter from Frances Keys to Emmitt Lehr and the Wall Board of Education. Keys is requesting to be re-hired as a third grade teacher for the upcoming school year. She states that her health has improved and her ulcer is healed.




Keys, Frances Mulkey; Lehr, Emmitt


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Wall, Texas
May 19, 1959
Wall School Board
Wall, Texas

Dear Mr. Lehr Board Member,

I understand from Mrs. Groff that she does not plan to teach in Wall next year as she thinks it is quite far to drive from her new country home. I would be very happy and honored, indeed, if the Board would elect me to teach the third grade again the next school year. I talked briefly with Mr. Tunnell and he was encouraging.

During the months since November 15, 1958, I have made great progress. The ulcer seems completely healed, and I no longer have any digestive pains or fears. Also, I am sure the rest has done me a world of good, and I feel relaxed and refreshed, and strong as never before. Too, I certainly know better how to take care of myself so that I won’t have any more trouble. In years of teaching my attendance has always been good with my longest time out only two weeks due to flu.

I sincerely love teaching, and children and believe I can be of service to others in this way. I have taught so long I miss working and my pupils so very much. It gives me pleasure and thrill just to visit a classroom, but I do want to get back to teaching as soon as possible. My hopes are so intense I even find myself making plans and adding to my collection new teaching aids, ideas, pictures, charts, etc. to my collection.

This past year would have been my seventeenth teaching year, but, of course, I can not count it on my teacher retirement now. Still, I want to think about the future.

If I am elected to a place I assure you I will be very grateful honored, and I will certainly try to do my best work. Also, I will cooperate with the superintendent, principal, teachers, and parents as I have truly tried to do in the past.

Frances Keys




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