Frances Mulkey Keys Papers


Frances Mulkey Keys Papers




Correspondence, scrapbooks, photographs and other personal records. Topics include her work as a teacher, marriage and family, a thirty year correspondence with pen pal from Finland, and genealogies of Wiley and Cohoon families. School teacher, club woman, resident of Coleman and Wall, Texas.


Keys, Frances Mulkey, 1916-1987


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Woman's Collection, Texas Woman's University, P.O. Box 425528, Denton, TX 76204.

Items in the Frances Mulkey Keys Papers Collection

Letter from Frances Keys to Ella Mulkey, May 1, 1941

Dearest Mom,
We arrived in Lansdowne (a section of Philadelphia) about six o’clock last evening. Mrs. Gale brought out your two letters at once, and believe me I was glad to get them. Mildred Beaty had a letter from George, but Mrs.…

Letter to Albert Keys from Aune and Pentti Parma, October 24, 1987

Oct. 24th, 1987
[image of yellow flowers with green stems]
Dear Albert,

Thank you so much for your most welcome letter on Sept. 29th. Pentti and I were so happy to hear from you. But we were sorry to read about the trouble you have had…

Letter from Frances Keys to Emmitt Lehr, May 19, 1959

Wall, Texas
May 19, 1959
Wall School Board
Wall, Texas

Dear Mr. Lehr Board Member,

I understand from Mrs. Groff that she does not plan to teach in Wall next year as she thinks it is quite far to drive from her new country home. I would be…

Letter from Frances Keys to "Whoever," August 29, 1978

August 29, 1978

Dear Whoever,

I suppose we are really still suffering from “jet lag” whatever that is. It may be just laziness but it does seem hard to readjust to our time. Daylight came so early on Finnish mornings - almost 2:30 or 3:00…

Letter to Frances Keys from a Finnish pen pal, July 5, 1953

Imatrankoski, Finland
July 5, 1953

Dear Mrs. Keys,

Thank you so much for your interesting letter. It was much to my delight that I received it and realized at last I had found a good American pen friend. And I imagine how wonderful it is…

Letter from Frances Keys to Emmitt Lehr, November 5, 1958

Wall, Texas
November 5, 1958
Wall Board of Education
Mr. Emmett Lehr, President
Wall, Texas

Dear Mr. Lehr,
Please except my resignation as a teacher in Wall School effective about Nov. 15. I would like to ask for a year’s leave of absence…

Letter from Frances Mulkey Keys to Albert Keys, September 2, 1947

Sept. 2, 1947
Tuesday Noon

Dearest Darling,
Mom and I have just returned from town where everyone looked me over. I bought Pauline two pottery plates for our wedding gift to her, and also purchased 2 ½ more yds. of lace for my slip. Decided…

Letter to Betty Crocker from Frances Mulkey Keys, March 1950

Wall, Texas

Betty Crocker’s Magazine of the Air
American Broadcasting Company
New York. N.Y.

Dear Betty Crocker:
How wonderful it would be if my mother, Mrs. Ella Mulkey of Coleman, Texas, could be selected as one of your…

Photograph of Frances Mulkey Keys, 1945
School teacher, club woman, resident of Coleman and Wall, Texas

Photograph of Frances Mulkey Keys, April 4, 1983
School teacher, club woman, resident of Coleman and Wall, Texas