Letter from Frances Mulkey Keys to Albert Keys, September 2, 1947


Letter from Frances Mulkey Keys to Albert Keys, September 2, 1947


Keys, Frances Mulkey, 1916-1987


School teacher, club woman, resident of Coleman and Wall, Texas
Letter from Frances Mulkey Keys to her husband, Albert Keys, about her visit to her mother. She tells him about shopping trips and how her mother is keeping a very close eye on her. The visit appears to be due to Key's pregnancy. She mentions maternity clothes and asks Albert about taking home a dresser that has been at her mother's house for some time that will be suitable for the baby's room.




Keys, Frances Mulkey; Keys, Albert


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Sept. 2, 1947
Tuesday Noon

Dearest Darling,
Mom and I have just returned from town where everyone looked me over. I bought Pauline two pottery plates for our wedding gift to her, and also purchased 2 ½ more yds. of lace for my slip. Decided not to have my hair fixed over here for fear the permanent wouldn’t be a good one and would have to take it over. I might not get back soon. Mom practically guided me along the streets for fear I might stumble, and of course, she worries most of the time for fear something will happen to me. It is really a joke.
Though I’m enjoying the rest and the little visit, I do miss you so much - you sweet thing. Hope you are getting along alright. Did you have luck with the thrasher and selling the sedan?
It is surely hot here and I mostly sit around in my slip. There has been absolutely no breeze but the early mornings are nice. Guess we should have brought over the fan but I forgot in the rush. Last night I had bad cramps in both my feet and ankles about an hour apart. I surely needed you here to cover me up, and do some rubbing. Really, I think I haven’t taken enough exercise but Mom is afraid to let me out of her sight. However, we walked a good deal this morning, and Mom is all worn out.
Mom hasn’t decided whether to come home with me or not, but she really does need a change and visit somewhere. Anyway, please bring that rosebud maternity dress she sent me last and also that gathered shirt dress with boxes on it that I wear around the house a lot - you know, the one with ruffles over the shoulders. She thinks she can make the band larger in that and make the other dress fit better.
Dinner is ready so I must run. Wish you were here to eat with us. Hope you are eating plenty.
Frances S. is in Dallas on another buying spree but she will be home tomorrow.
Will be expecting you Thursday in time for dinner if you can make it.
Love and Kisses,

P.S. Honey, Mom is not using that chest of drawers upstairs and since she gave it to me several years ago as a birthday gift she wants me to take it for the baby’s things. Do you suppose it could ride on the back seat? 43 inches tall - drawers are 38 in. long and across the top - 15 inches wide, and it has five drawers. It wouldn’t need any refinishing except to put teddy bear decals on it or something of the like. Bring quilts for packing if you want to.




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