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Undated letter to Rema Lou Brown from Shirley Mabry


Photocopy of newspaper article, mailed to Rem Lou Brown from Joyce Miller regarding ERA march, July 1978

Letter sent to Rema Lou Brown by Tom McFarlan? July 11, 1978.

Letter from Cordye Hall to Vice-President Lyndon Johnson thanking him for sending her a copy of speech from a dinner honoring Adlai Stevenson. Hall states that she sees "no relevance" between Johnson's speech and the occasion. Hall takes issue with…

Letter from Cordye Hall to Lyndon Johnson regarding the amount of money that Johnson is receiving as a former president. Hall is dismayed and asks Johnson to explain. Hall also asks that Johnson give the enclosed "Another Mother for Peace"…

Graduation portrait of Cordye Hall.

Cordye Hall, 1945, modeling a Yugoslavian sleeve from wedding dress

Cordye Hall at a protest holding a sign that reads, "War is not healthy for children and other living things."


Letter from Cordye Hall to Senator Lyndon Johnson in reply to his letter from March 6, 1955 in which he sent her a letter from the Democratic National Committee signed by Clayton Fritchey. Hall discusses the Shivers Republicans and "dirty politics"…

Letter from Senator Lyndon Johnson to Cordye Hall in response to a letter he received from Hall in which she sent him an article from the Times Herald. Johnson also refers to an apparent accusation from Hall regarding an incident at the Dallas County…