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  • Collection: Jeanann Madden Correspondence and photographs, 1990-1991.

postcard to her mother about her time at Half Moon Bay R&R center, the large amount of mail that she been getting, and how she needs her mother to send her long underwear due to the extreme cold.

Jeann Madden's letter to her mother, Gloria about the packages that she has been receiving, including a pillow from her mother. She talks about working the night shift, trying to do laundry, and how she doesn't need anyone to send her any more…

Jeann Madden's letter to her mother about the Christmas letters and packages that she has been receiving from people in her hometown as well as the upcoming company Christmas party

Jeann Madden's letter to her mother, Gloria, about her MP duties, the packages she has been receiving from people at home and the upcoming base Chistmas celebration. She also asks her mother to write her a "real" letter instead of just cards or…

letter from Jeanann Madden to Jane Dandrea. Jeanann describes Thanksgiving dinner on base. She also discusses her depression, anger, and fear that she may not survive her tour in Saudi Arabia. Describes her posting at the 44th Medical Brigade as…

Jeann Madden's letter to her mother, Gloria. About her arrival in Saudi Arabia, the way people drive, the women in burkas, and how it hot it is. She mentions that she is writing from a temporary location with no laundry facilities and then they will…

Hand drawn 'welcome home' card to Jeanann Madden from an unknown student at the school where she taught

letter from Jeanann Maden to Jane Dandrea about her trip from her American posting, through Germany, and into Saudi Arabia. She describes the weather, the living conditions, and getting adjusted to desert life. Pages 3 and 7 are missing from the…

Card to Jeanann Madden from student Nichola Seegobin, welcoming her home from Saudi Arabia