Letter from Margaret McCormick to John Mayhead, May 24, 1943


Letter from Margaret McCormick to John Mayhead, May 24, 1943


Letter from Margaret McCormick to John Mayhead about an all-night flight to get back to base, the bad weather, and how she needs to sort the newspaper clippings that she's been saving. Also mentions Johns injury and hospitalization.


McCormick, Margaret E., 1908-1953




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[Across the top: Image of Pilot Wings and Scott Field; Scott Field Illinois]
May 24, 1943
Dear John:
Will dash this off rather hurriedly as I am extremely tired. Have not been to bed since night before last. Flew all of last night as a passenger on an airliner to get back to my base. Arrived there (City Airport) around one o’clock, but did not get to the barracks until 4:30 P.M. as we stopped for lunch at the officers club. All of us were filthy and looked horrible. Anyway, must now get dressed to meet with Colonel Dunlap at 6:30. All of my clothes are dirty and I am going out again tomorrow A.M. Looks as though I will be up most of the night washing socks, etc.
Upon my return a few moments ago found your letter awaiting. Was so glad to hear from hear from you, but am sorry to learn you have been in the hospital. Hope the fall will have no ill effects in the future.
Had some stinky weather on the trip I was on. Wish I had time to write you in detail as there are a number of incidents which would be of interest. I really feel at home on an Army Post now. Most of the time we stop at the Nurses Quarters and eat at the Officers mess hall, although sometimes we go into town and check in at a hotel. (Had a delicious turkey dinner in Oklahoma yesterday.)
Last night in Dallas between planes saw two of the girls from my class, and at one of the stops – I believe Oklahoma City – (should know having been there twice in one day – once taking a plane through and then coming back to the liner) two of the WAPS get on. Dottie Young was one of them. Know you remember her. She is very small and cute.
As yet have not gotten my newspaper clippings straightened out. Had some real good pictures taken at one of the Army bases several days ago. They are sending me prints. Maybe when I return from this next trip I will get this around to sending you pictures etc. Know you understand.
It is nearly six so must sign off.
Write soon. Take care of yourself and don’t “fall backwards” again.
As ever,


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