Letter from Cordye Hall to Senator Lyndon Johnson, March 22, 1955


Letter from Cordye Hall to Senator Lyndon Johnson, March 22, 1955


Hall, Cordye; Johnson, Lyndon B. (Lyndon Baines), 1908-1973; Woodward, Stanley, 1899-1992; Aldredge, H. R., Jr.; Folger, Kay; Barkley, Alben, 1877-1956


Letter from Cordye Hall to Senator Lyndon Johnson in reply to his letter from March 6, 1955 in which he sent her a letter from the Democratic National Committee signed by Clayton Fritchey. Hall discusses the Shivers Republicans and "dirty politics" in Texas.


Hall, Cordye




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Dallas, Texas,
March 22, 1955
Hon. Lyndon B. Johnson,
Senate Office Bldg.,
Washington, D.C.

Dear Senator:
I appreciate your letter of March 16th attaching copy of letter from the Democratic National Committee, signed by Clayton Fritchey. In this connection I am able to furnish the following facts:
January 8, 1955, Mr. Stanley Woodward, then Treasurer of the National Democratic Party, stopped in Dallas and spent some time with H.R. Aldredge, Jr., Chairman of the Democratic Organizing Committee. At that time, Mr. Aldredge requested from Mr. Woodward that he see what he could do to get a speaker for a fund raising dinner in Dallas; namely, senator Alben Berkley. Mr. Woodward said he would be happy to see what could be done through the Speakers Bureau. Jan. 10, Miss Kay Folger, head of the speaker’s bureau, called Mr. Aldredge, long distance, saying that Mr. Woodward had given the message about Sen. Berkley to her, and when would we like to have our dinner? Mr. Aldredge told Miss Folger that ‘We will take Senator Berkley any time he can come.” Miss Folger then said she would go ahead and arrange it and let us know the details. About two weeks later, Mr. Aldredge received a call from D.B Hardeman from Austin, Texas, saying that Miss Folger had called him with some embarrassment. She had talked to an assistant of Sam Rayburn’s who had advised her that Mr. Rayburn said no speaker would come to Texas until after the legislature in Austin was over.”
Shades of apprehension are haunting Democrats in Texas who have been sold down the river, again and again, by the Shivers Republicans. The Democrats in Texas know that you and Sam Rayburn know Allan Shivers and all the dirty politics and fraud that surround him. The thing for us to determine from the facts at our disposal and the implications to be derived from the above outlined experience, is whether or not history is about to repeat. We grow less naïve with each election.
I am sincere,
[Handwritten] Cordye Hall
Cordye Hall,

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Hall, Cordye, “Letter from Cordye Hall to Senator Lyndon Johnson, March 22, 1955,” TWU Digital Exhibits, accessed June 18, 2024, http://exhibits.twu.edu/ex/items/show/101.

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