Letter from Jeanann Madden to Jane Dandrea, January 31, 1991


Letter from Jeanann Madden to Jane Dandrea, January 31, 1991


Operation Desert Shield, 1990-1991; Persian Gulf War, 1991


letter from Jeanann Madden to Jane Dandrea about how the reservists may be leaving soon, getting combat pay, and hoping that her mother has been managing her money so that Jeanann will be able to by a used car when she returns home. Pages are not numbered but the letter appears to be incomplete.




Madden, Jeanann; Dandrea, Jane


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MSS 397c, Jeanann Madden Correspondence and photographs, 1990-1991.


Madden, Jeanann
Teacher and Army reservist. Served with 82nd Airborne Division, XVIII Airborne Corps of the Army Reserve during the Persian Gulf War.

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Thursday, Jan 31, 1991
9:44 am
Dear Jane,

Well, I just got off the phone with you, and now I am standing in a SUPER long line for the PX, so I have some time to write to you.

It was so good to talk to you! After I got off the phone, I realized I hadn’t talked to you since early December - that’s almost two months! Hopefully, by the time 2 months more pass, I will be home and we will be laughing about the whole thing. I was so upset when I thought I wouldn’t get to talk to you, but mostly because you know it was me, and I didn’t want you to be upset. All of which just upset me more! But then I got to talk to you, so it is now OK.

I couldn’t tell you much about where I was going on the phone. I hear they are censoring the mail, so I guess I’ll find out. Anyways, I was calling from a place called KKMC (King Khalid Military City). We had to drive 300 miles to get here. We are staying very close to the front. If you get a map of Saudi Arabia, find a place called Hafar AL Batin and another place called Rafha, on that road. They have been telling us for the last 2 weeks that we are moving to Rafha, but we still haven’t moved.

Alot of the Reserve and National Guard units here have been getting extended another 180 days, to a year. However, we don’t think that will happen to us. We don’t really have a job to do here, and all we keep hearing is how to corps commander (a 3 star general) wants to reservists out of here. I hope that’s right and we will be going home by March 1st.

The people in line behind me were talking about how we are now getting combat pay. They can have their extra $100 a month. This is not worth it! I hope Mom is doing a good job on my finances. I want her to have enough money saved so I can pay back Mom and Granny what I owe them. And maybe I’ll have enough left after that to buy myself another used car. I knew Mom was supposed to try to sell my car




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