Letter from Cordye Hall to D.C. Burnham, July 22, 1970


Letter from Cordye Hall to D.C. Burnham, July 22, 1970


Hall, Cordye; Burnham, D.C.


Letter from Cordye Hall to D.C. Burnham at Westinghouse regarding Westinghouse's involvement in manufacturing munitions for use in the Vietnam War. Hall states that she has many Westinghouse appliances and so is shocked that they are "manufacturing for death." She asks them to pull out of the war effort and go back to making appliances that "bring happiness."


Hall, Cordye




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Dallas, Texas
July 22, 1970

Mr. D.C. Burnham
3 Gateway Center.
Pittsburgh, Pa 15222

Dear Mr. Burnham:
Your company is one I have always held in high esteem. I have many Westinghouse appliances in my house and they have given excellent service. It is therefore a great shock to me to read in ANOTHER MOTHER FOR PEACE bulletin that Westinghouse is in-volved in manufacturing for death in the making of:
Poseiden launcher and handling equipment engineering for Mark 48 torpedos.
Please don’t tell me, as another manufacturer of death listed in that bulletin told me, that you do not make the policies of this country and that you must cooperate with our government. America IS the free enterprise, capitalistic system, and as Paul Woolard, exec. V.P. of Revlon is quoted in the June 27 issue of The New Yorker, “It’s time for the really silent majority - the businessman - to be heard and let the Adm. and Congress know that they don’t have the wholehearted support of the business community.”
I ask you, Mr. Burnham, in the name of God. STOP building for death. Go back to the days when “we could be sure if it’s Westinghouse” that is was a product that would bring happiness to our household.
Most Sincerely,
(Mrs.) Cordye Hall

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Hall, Cordye, “Letter from Cordye Hall to D.C. Burnham, July 22, 1970,” TWU Digital Exhibits, accessed June 16, 2024, http://exhibits.twu.edu/ex/items/show/116.

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