Rema Lou Brown Papers, 1970s-1980s


Rema Lou Brown Papers, 1970s-1980s


The collection includes series of files on women's issues, women's organizations, surveys of universities regarding women's centers and businesses regarding women in management. Also includes records of the Women's Resource Services and Women's Center at the University of Houston at Clear Lake, including events planning, brochures about women's issues, the university's women's studies program, and surveys of the women faculty. Files about organizations include: Women's Rights Coordinating Council; Harris County Women's Political Caucus; Houston Area Federal Feminist Credit Union; National Abortion Rights League (NARAL), and the Houston Area National Association of Women (NOW), especially planning the symposium with Judy Chicago.


Brown, Rema Lou




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Items in the Rema Lou Brown Papers, 1970s-1980s Collection

Letter from Peter Durkin to Rema Lou Brown, January 22, 1986
Letter on Planned Parenthood stationary from Peter Durkin thanking Rema Lou Brown for appearance in a press conference, January 22, 1986.

Thank you letter to Rema Lou Brown and Sandy

Sandy and Rema Lou,

Thanks so much for your expenditure of time and energy in our class last Thursday. I appreciate the data and insights that you were able to bring.


Shirley W. Faul

Letter from Bill Caraway, May 20, 1975
Letter to Rema Lou Brown from Bill Caraway, congratulating her on being re-elected to the water authority board, May 20, 1975.

The UHCLidian clipping
Women's Resource Services article including Rema Lou Brown, December 1978.

Letter from Kathy Beard, April 21, 1982
Letter to Rema from Kathy Beard, Manager/Facilitator, April 21, 1982.

Letter from Harry Kelso, April 1979
Letter to Rema Lou Brown from Harry Kelso regarding the ERA amendment and rape culture, April 1979

Letter from Henry Gonzalez, July 23, 1985
Letter to Rema Lou Brown from Henry Gonzalez regarding co-sponsorship of Civil Rights Restoration Act, July 23, 1985.

Letter from Sukie White at NASA, March 8, 1978
Letter to Rema Lou Brown from Sukie White at NASA Houston regarding her help with a new women's week program, March 8, 1978

Notes from the National Women's Conference, Houston, TX, November 1977.

[in smaller script at the top] As coordinator for Greater Houston Area AAUW, (unintelligible), signed IWY proclamation at press conference. Old home week--very few women we haven’t known before.

Nov. 14, Mon. Met Mary Boyette’s (spelling of…

Letter from Frank Kokesh, March 9, 1975
Letter to the Clear Lake Water Authority Board from Frank Kokesh regarding change in leadership, March 9, 1975.