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Texas Gay / Lesbian Task Force Records, 1970s-1991


Originally formed as the Texas Gay Task Force, the TGLTF was the first statewide gay/lesbian organization in Texas. Organized in 1973 for the…

Rema Lou Brown Papers, 1970s-1980s


The collection includes series of files on women's issues, women's organizations, surveys of universities regarding women's centers and businesses…

Jeanann Madden Correspondence and photographs, 1990-1991.

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Includes correspondence with various members of her family, medical records, letters from Madden's 1st grade students, insignia and military police…

Frances Mulkey Keys Papers


Correspondence, scrapbooks, photographs and other personal records. Topics include her work as a teacher, marriage and family, a thirty year…

Edna Ingels Fritz Papers


Correspondence, photographs, class notes, AAUW meeting notes and clippings, scrapbooks and other ephemera. Also includes children's clothing…

Dorothy F. Scott Papers

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Contains correspondence written by Scott while serving as a WAFS from November 1942 - October 1943. Also contains V-mail, Red Cross I.D. card,…

Cordye Hall Papers, 1910s-1980s


This collection includes a series of files that document the life and activism of Cordye Hall. Files include a number of letters to political figures,…

Caro Brown Papers

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Newspaper articles and columns of 1955 Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist. Also includes clippings, autobiography, telegrams, and correspondence.

Contributors: Brown, Caro